The Society

History and objects

The Glossopdale & Longdendale Archaeological Society was formed in June 2006 and has members from across the High Peak and surrounding areas. It has the following objectives:

Primarily but not exclusively within the area of Glossopdale and Longdendale (the Derbyshire County Council divisions of Etherow and Glossop-and-Charlesworth) to:

1. Advance heritage for the benefit of the public

2. Advance the education of the public in heritage by:

i)   Conducting archaeological research and disseminating the findings in ways accessible to the public, online and otherwise

ii)  Providing training in archaeological methods

iii) Organising guided walks and visits, seminars, conferences and lectures

3. Advance preservation for the benefit of the public by promoting and assisting the recording, preservation and conservation of buildings, sites or artefacts of historic importance


All paid-up members have a vote at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held on the first Tuesday in September, and which elects the Chair, other officers and committee. Members can also be co-opted to the committee during the year. As at September 2017 there were 11 officers and committee members.


The Society’s normal activities are largely self-financing from membership subscriptions and “door money” at meetings, but major archaeology involving paid professionals, geophysics and analysis of samples is extremely expensive, and small voluntary societies like GLAS are dependent on obtaining grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund or other grant-giving bodies.

Chair’s reports