Robert Bennett's Mills's

In Old Glossop


On the 12th July, 1789, Mr. Benjamin Goodison had a 99 year lease on the land, and built the mill. It was bounded on the East by the Tanyard Meadow, 26 yards long; West by the same, 15 yards; on the North by same, 38 yards; on the South by a road leading to Mossy Lea 36 yards; total, 779. The house adjoining was built by Robert Bennett on a 73 years lease, 1,567 square yards.

On the 17th April 1823 Mr. John Wood was working it, and it was assessed at 15 10s. In 1833, Mr. Abraham Broadbent occupied both the mill and house. He made bobbins, hat tips and doubled yarn for hand loom weavers. He went weekly to Huddersfield, carrying his work on his back. He remained as occupier of the mill until July, 1840, when he removed to the Mouse Nest Mill at Padfield. The mill remained empty until 1846, when Mr. John Ford started the wadding business. He was succeeded by Mr. John Downs in the same line of business. It was then used by a Mr. Greaves as a brewery. The last occupier, I believe, was a Mr. T.P.Sykes, who manufactured tape and banding there. The house was afterwards used as a Cottage Hospital for smallpox patients. Scarcely a vestige of the mill or house is now left.

This is taken from The Wood Family - Mill owners of Glossopdale, a Glossop Heritage trust page from The Mills of Glossopdale.

Robert Bennet's Mills in 1810 Robert Bennett's Mills in 1857 Robert Bennett's Mills aerial view