Brown Hill

Brown Hill lies to the east of the A624, south of Glossop.

Brown Hill

The late Dr Bill Hood took photos from an upper room at his house, Lees Hall, on a sunny March morning. He thought they showed a field system, and assumed it must be mediaeval. He showed these photos to the Glossop Historical Society in 2009.

Whitfield enclosures 2 (Bill Hood)

Possible field boundaries (taken from lidar images below)...

Brown Hill field boundaries

It seems likely that these are signs of a prehistoric (probable Iron Age/Romano-British) field system.

Brown Hill lidar

Brown Hill lidar

See also the report to the Derbyshire Historic Environment Record

More work on lidar images has been done recently (April 2018) by Steve Whiteley. Steve says:

I re-rendered the lidar with a low angle light from the south east to try to pull out any features previously missed:

Brown Hill lidar from SE

I also generated some obliques to see if they helped. There is a 1.5x vertical exaggeration and the spiky elements are trees! You should be able to orientate yourself from the quarry.

Brown Hill lidar Brown Hill lidar Brown Hill lidar

And part of the next tile to the west with the narrow lane past Whitfield Green in the foreground:

lidar with narrow lane past Whitfield Green